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3 - 5 Minute Call

to Covered CA.

See why OVER   948  others designated us this last year.


Invest the 5 minutes right now and you'll be treated like family!

(( Just 1 More Step ))  Please make a 3 - 5 minute phone call to
Covered CA to designate us.  All info is in the
RED BOX below.
Start getting the service that you deserve!  We are a licensed insurance agency with over 21 years of experience and there is
NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE  for our services!

Why Designate us?
Covered California staff are NOT licensed with the state of
California.  - WE ARE LICENSED 22 YEARS
                  - WE HAVE TONS OF EXPERIENCE

Covered CA CANNOT recommend a
                  health insurance plan!! is there to assist you with your application,
that's it!  Complete the steps in the red box, and we can help
with your renewal and provide the BEST VALUE plan available.

A) Don't Have a Username and/or Password?
     Call Covered CA:
(800) 300-1506

      > > > Phone Hours: 8am - 6pm                 

  Ask them to do the following:

  1) Delegate “nocobra (which is me, Marc Harris - zip code 92610) as your agent.

  2) Have them search under “business in the bottom right corner (it’s much easier).

  3) If you have an agent that is on your account, they can easily remove them and add us in.
  4) They will have you confirm your SS#, DOB, mailing address and 4 ?'s.

  5) Call us and we will help you pick the BEST VALUE plan! 949-486-6018

B) Username and Password work?  Login to:

1. On the right side box under RESOURCES click "
Manage Delegates"
2. If there is another agent in other than "Marc Harris", click "REMOVE"
3. To Designate us now, complete the following steps:

    a) Hover over “GET HELP” (top right) and click “
Find Agents

    b) Click “Agents” in the middle (gold button)

    c) Right box field: "Business Name” type:  NOCOBRA and click Search

    d) Click “Marc Harris” then click the gold button “CONTINUE

    e) Check the 4 boxes and then type your name how it appears above.
    f) Wait patiently for our call within 2 hours.  If you do NOT get a call
        please contact us at (949) 486-6018.




DISCLOSURE:  Since we are on deadline and working on a huge volume of cases, we are working around the clock to process as many applications and renewals as possible.  There are NO GUARANTEES that your case will be processed, so feel free to work with a Covered California employee at any time...just remember...they are NOT licensed agents!

no additional fee to use us!

Meet Marc Harris
Your Local Certified Insurance Agent

I have been helping clients since 1998 and was
one of the first agents to get certified with
Covered California and the
Exchange.  We launched to make it easy for clients like you evaluate all of your opportunities, and enroll in the policy with the best value.  STOP waiting on hold for hours and START getting the service you deserve.  Ready to renew your policy? We can help you today!  JUST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS IN THE RED BOX.

Certified Insurance Agent:  Marc Harris
Covered California Agent ID#: 2000016310
Date Certified: 10/29/2013
Certification #: 5000003622
PDF Download:Covered California Certificates

CA Insurance License #: 0C45052


Los Angeles - Orange County - San Diego - Riverside - Sacramento - And More!

Same Day Service!

Open Enrollment 10/01/21 to 1/31/22

    Serving ALL of California   Since 1998

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