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VPA B-1 Online Application


Individual  $114 
Invividual + 1 Dependent  $195

Family  $245

Click "Submit" to send your application in to Vision Plan of America via our SECURE SERVER.  Your credit card will be charged within 1 - 7 business days.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (949) 713-7222.

VSP annual rates for individuals & families have been known to be overpriced.  These rates are as of 5+ years ago:

Individual - $181.95
Couple - $345.95
Family - $472.95

Have more questions?  Call Toll Free (800) 400-4872

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Meet Your Agent Marc Harris
Your Local Vision Plan of America Agent

I have been helping clients with VPA since 2001 and
have been very satisfied with the plan design,

customer service, and benefits for my clients. 
I am on the plan for years, and the last time I went in to get my eye exam, frames and lenses, I walked out of my optometrist office with a $36 bill.  That's it!  This Vision Plan of America B-1 Plan is by far the best value plan on the market and I highly recommend that you give it a shot.  If you are unhappy for any reason, contact VPA and opt-out after 12 months with absolutely NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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Certified Insurance Agent:  Marc Harris
Covered California Agent ID#: 2000016310
Date Certified: 10/29/2013
Certification #: 5000003622
PDF Download:Covered California Certificates
CA Insurance License #: 0C45052


Individual  $9.50
Individual + 1 Dependent  $17.60
Family  $22.40

MQ-2 Discount Plan
Available as low as $4 per month!

Print out the MQ-2 Hard Copy Application

Monthly Rates:

Individual - $4..00

Individual + 1 Dependent - $5.25

Family - $6.25

Annual Rates:

Individual - $55

Individual + 1 Dependent - $70

Family - $82

A one-time non refundable $10.00 enrollment fee is included in the ANNUAL PREMIUM Only.

A one-time non refundable $10 enrollment fee will be added to your first month's fees if paid monthly.

How Your VPA Vision B-1 Plan Works
Vision Plan of America Helping all of CA Since 1986

Here are the benefits:

Annual Deductible: $10 Per Person
Eye Exam: Every 12 months 100% covered
Lenses: Every 12 months 100% covered
Frames: Every 24 months 100% covered
(up to $100 Retail)
Cosmetic Contact Lenses: Every 12 months in addition to the basic benefit or, if desired, in lieu of the basic benefit, $100 applies to the doctor's usual and customary package fee.
Medically Necessary Contact Lenses: Every 24 months A $250 benefit

Vision Plan of America

24 Month Contract with
Opt-Out after 12 months

Have Questions?  Call (949) 713-7222 or (800) 400-4872